Consignment (Pre-Owned) Drones

If you have a DJI drone that has been collecting dust for a while and you need some extra cash, we can help you sell your drone. Since we are assisting you with the sale, we will take 25% of the final sale price for products under $5,000.

Your Drone Is in the Best Hands!

  • All drones have been checked by certified DJI technicians.

  • Buyers have a 10-day grace period to return the drone. (Returns due to damage will not be accepted)

  • Buyers can see the drone in person before purchasing.

  • Be assisted by the Drones Plus crew on what drone will fit your needs.

  • Drones are viewed by people actively searching for a drone.

  • Sellers can pick up their drone if they end up selling it on their own.

  • Have a safe location to view used drone versus meeting someone online.

Our Current Consignment Listings