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The Future Of Agriculture

Agras T40

50 kg spread load
40 kg spray load

Supports spray/spread flight and remote control mapping

Dual Atomized Spray System

Active phased array radar +
binocular vision

IPX6K central modules

EFI Generator
15% Fuel Savings

Introduction to The Agras T40

Have questions about the

Agras T40?

The Agras T40 is a revolutionary drone that is equipped with a coaxial twin rotor design.

This design allows it to carry a spray load of 40 kg and a spread load of 50 kg (70 L). The drone also comes with an integrated dual atomized spray system, DJI Terra, active phased array radar, and binocular vision.

This combination of features makes the Agras T40 the perfect tool for precision agriculture.

Agras T40 Overview

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