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DJI Drone Dock 2

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Remote Monitoring

Provides real-time surveillance of inaccessible or remote areas.

Maintenance Oversight

Enables visual oversight of ongoing construction, utility, or maintenance projects from a distance.

Global Accessibility

Allows stakeholders to view live feeds from anywhere in the world, ensuring continuous operation oversight.

Operational Efficiency

Saves time and resources by reducing the need for manual inspections and on-site visits.

Security Enhancement

Offers an additional layer of security for large estates, enhancing safety and threat detection.

DJI Drone Dock 2

In a world where operational oversight can make or break your success, having an omnipresent view of your projects is no longer a luxury—it's a necessity. The DJI Drone Dock 2 isn't just a technological advancement; it's your eye in the sky, ensuring that you're always a step ahead. Whether it's overseeing construction progress, ensuring utility compliance, or securing your estate, being informed means being in power. Welcome to the future of operation and security management.



See without being seen. The DJI Drone Dock 2 ensures you're always informed, giving you the upper hand in every situation. Remote monitoring means you're everywhere at once, silently watching, learning, and ready to act.

Matrice 3TD drone.png


Command attention and respect by being omnipresent. With DJI Drone Dock 2, your influence spans across every inch of your operations, establishing you as a leader who's always on top of things, even from afar.

Construction Cranes

Efficiency & safety

Implementing the DJI Drone Dock 2 not only cuts down operational costs but also enhances your team's ability to respond swiftly to any arising needs.

Construction Site


Stay one step ahead of potential threats. With preemptive surveillance, you crush problems before they grow, ensuring your projects and properties remain secure and on track, every single day.



Break down barriers and eliminate isolation. Be everywhere at once with the DJI Drone Dock 2, connecting you directly to your operations, no matter where you are in the world.


DJI Drone Dock 2

  • Lightweight Design: Weighs just 34kg for enhanced portability and ease of relocation.

  • High-Precision Compatibility: Supports DJI Matrice 3D/3TD series for surveying and mapping.

  • Compact Efficiency: 75% reduction in volume and 68% lighter than its predecessor.

  • Extended Operational Range: Up to 10km with advanced environmental monitoring and IP54 rating.

  • Rapid Deployment: Features a built-in backup battery for an additional 5 hours of operation.

  • Intelligent Integration: Enhanced cloud integration with software for automated flights and cloud modeling.

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