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Iris Automation

Iris Automation is a leading provider of autonomous collision avoidance technology for unmanned systems. With a focus on developing cutting-edge hardware and software solutions, they are advancing the capabilities of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) across a wide range of industries. At the heart of their technology is Casia, an AI-based system that provides real-time detection and intelligent avoidance capabilities, giving UAV operators increased safety and situational awareness during complex missions. The Casia system utilizes computer vision and machine learning to analyze data and make decisions in real-time, enabling autonomous systems to navigate complex environments with a high degree of accuracy and reliability. With a strong commitment to safety and innovation, Iris Automation is helping to shape the future of unmanned systems technology.

Spatial Data Analysis

An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) with specialized sensors and cameras is used in geospatial scanning, which uses a drone to take high-resolution pictures of the earth's surface. Following analysis and processing, these images are used to produce intricate maps, 3D models, and many geospatial data.
Drone-based scanning has many benefits over conventional techniques, including improved accuracy, quicker data collection, and access to remote or hazardous areas. Agriculture, mining, construction, and environmental monitoring are just a few of the many fields it uses.

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