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DroneSense is a comprehensive solution that empowers your public safety organization to build, manage, and scale its drone program. We have partnered with first responders from day one to design a mission-critical software platform that enables you to leverage the full capabilities of drones in your operations. Whether you have already obtained a few drones, or are contemplating how to get your program started, DroneSense can help you quickly become fully-operational for all stakeholders across your organization.  

OpsCenter gives all stakeholders the power to strategize and tactically collaborate by sharing real-time views of a scene with minimal latency from any connected device. Anyone in your organization can see live pilot sessions, and multiple users can work together seamlessly via chat and by marking points of interest. Incident commanders can task pilots directly by assigning waypoints or search areas with a simple touch of their maps. Leverage the power of drone technology for any mission with secure encrypted sharing.

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