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The brand new TDLAS Sniffer gives rapid data collection for methane. The TDLAS can only detect methane, but is 30x faster and 100 times more sensitive than the Sniffer 4D at detecting methane. The TDLAS is perfect for the oil and gas wells and pipelines, as well as landfills or other applications for detecting methane.


Soarability Sniffer


Sniffer 4D

Sniffer TDLAS

Designed to be mounted on a drone or ground vehicle, the Sniffer 4D captures geo-referenced and time-stamped gas and particle concentrations.

The Sniffer 4D has the option of cellular connectivity to view the data capture live from anywhere in the world. 

The Sniffer 4D is capable of carrying up to 9 different gas modules at once, here are the different modules available.

Soarability Sniffer4D
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