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Aerial Methane Detection Reimagined: Drones Plus Partners with Purway Innovation

aerial methane detection tdlas drone

The recent partnership between Drones Plus and Purway Innovation marks a significant milestone in aerial methane detection. This collaboration is set to bring a revolutionary change in methane detection technology across the United States.

Introducing Purway's Methane Detector

At the forefront of this partnership is the launch of the Purway Innovation CH-4 TDLAS Methane Detector. This technology is a game-changer, especially for the Oil and Gas industry, environmental sectors, and waste management. These industries face ongoing challenges in methane emission control, and this partnership offers a promising solution.

The Edge of TDLAS Technology

The standout feature of the Purway Methane Detector is its utilization of Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS). This innovative approach allows for the aerial detection and precise quantification of methane leaks, offering a blend of accuracy and cost-effectiveness that is unprecedented in the industry.

Insights from Drones Plus CEO, Don Garland

Don Garland, the CEO of Drones Plus, expresses excellent excitement about this collaboration. He sees it as pivotal in providing aerial-based solutions for detecting and quantifying methane leaks. The partnership aims to expand its methane management capabilities and positively impact environmental sustainability.

Timely Partnership Amid Regulatory Shifts

This partnership arrives at a critical time, aligning with the EPA's updated regulations on methane emissions. It underscores the shared commitment of Drones Plus and Purway to environmental responsibility and regulatory adherence.

Exclusive U.S. Distribution by Drones Plus

Through this exclusive agreement, Drones Plus becomes the sole U.S. distributor of the Purway Methane Detector, uniquely positioning them to offer an effective solution for industries committed to reducing their environmental impact.

Spotlight on Drones Plus

Drones Plus, based in Frisco, TX, is renowned for its drone and robotics technology expertise. The company is dedicated to advancing environmental sustainability and delivering specialized technological solutions to meet the needs of critical industries. To learn more about our wide ranging solutions contact us here.

Purway at the Forefront of Innovation

Purway stands as a leader in environmental monitoring technology. Their innovative approach has already significantly impacted Europe and Asia, and with this new partnership, they are set to bring their useful technology in the U.S.

This partnership between Drones Plus and Purway Innovation represents more than a business collaboration. It's a fusion of innovative technology and commitment to the environment, poised to transform how methane emissions are managed across critical industries. The future looks bright as this technology paves the way for more sustainable practices in environmental management.


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