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DJI Phantom 3 Advanced/Professional Repair

Below are some common scenarios for a Phantom 3 Advanced/Professional that has crashed and estimated costs for repair including parts and labor. In this article, we try to explain common repair issues and equivalent costs, but until we get our hands on the drone, we would not fully know what the actual damages are. But if you tell us an overview of what happened, we would be able to give you an instant repair cost.

  • Case #1: Camera intact but "No Image Transmission" error on DJI GO App. So there are 2 possibilities​​.

    1. Worst case is that the circuit board is dead. When a camera takes impact, even if there is no physical damage, it might "fry" the main circuit board of the camera. Cost would be $349 for a brand new camera set - DJI doesn't sell the circuit board only. It only comes with a brand new camera set. We only charge $25 for installation.

    2. Best case is that the flex ribbon cable is torn. It would only be $35 for the ribbon cable and $60 for labor = $95 total.

  • Case #2: Camera intact / Gimbal goes wild / There IS VIDEO image on DJI GO App.​

    • This is the case wherein 1, 2 or more motors and/or motor circuit boards are broken. Even without visible physical damage, when a gimbal takes impact from a crash, it will "fry" circuit boards and damage motors.

    • DJI doesn't sell motors or circuit boards, so we only get them from salvaged drones.

    • Unfortunately, I would not be able to give an estimated cost of repair without actually putting my hands on the camera, but before we do anything with it, we will call you and tell you the cost. If you think it's too much, we will return your drone with NO CHECK-UP FEE.

    • My limit to fixing cameras would be $200 including parts and labor, because for an additional $150, you can buy a brand new camera set for $350.

  • Case #3: Camera broke off / Yaw Arm is broken

    • Worst case is a brand new camera for $350 + $25 labor = $375 total. That even after we install a new yaw arm and ribbon cable, we will get an error of "No Image Transmission" and/or the gimbal just goes wild and some or all motors and circuit boards are dead.

    • Best case is that when we replace the Yaw Arm and the ribbon flex cable, everything works fine. The the bill would only be $40 for parts and $80 labor = $120 total.

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