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Bryan Archer

Don and his team at Drones Plus Dallas has been awesome. I bought several products and services for my Drone/UAV business. I am a very happy customer and would highly recommend  their products & services.

Mike Eastlee

Drones Plus Dallas is an amazing store, providing a wide variety of drones for every application. Personnel are always informative of new and old products, eager to advise and assist the novice or the commercial operator. In addition they provide excellent parts and repair services for a wide range of products. A quality professional experience each time I visit.

Jim Wren

I had purchased a Drone from another person, and had some questions about it.  Don and his team at Drones Plus treated me as if I had been one of their lifelong customers.  That just says something about what great quality people they are!!  To say they are knowledgeable about Drones is an understatement.  They do a great job, and you will walk away more knowledgeable than you thought possible.  I highly recommend them for Service and anything related to Drones!

Jana Connor

Excellent place to buy your drone. Very pleasant and knowledgeable staff. We drove from Dallas and will continue to do so for all our drone needs. Full service drone needs...sales, service and training. They make sure you know how to use and set up your drone before you leave the store. Will definitely be going back.

Faustina DuVall, Ed.D.

Great experience with Erwin who fixed my Phantom 4 after a crash. He is amazing and if you don't know him, stop in and say hello. Very helpful and resourceful for those of us new to the DRONE world. Sometimes as a female, even though I have passed my Part 107 and fly a Phantom 4, it can be intimidating to enter a hobby and business made up mostly of men. I had an experience with another local Drone Store that was not very embracing. Drones Plus however, provides a very relaxing and helpful environment and useful advice.

David Hall

Found Don and his staff very friendly, knowledgeable and patient. They made me feel so comfortable even though I wasn't very knowledgeable. Ended up buying a DJI Phantom 4 and came away very confident in knowing that this is the type of business that is very rare these days. Great customer experience.

Roberto Gomez-Vazquez

After crashing my DJI Phantom 3 Pro 4k I received a gimbal error motor overload. I spoke to DJI and to their recommend service centers in the United States. I was told the only solution was to replace the entire gimbal. After hearing and speaking to Drones Plus Dallas I was told it could be repaired. They repaired it! I recommend Drones Plus Dallas to everyone looking for drone repairs. However, they forgot 4 screws on my gimbal motor cover. Pricing ($40-60 labor, $60 gimbal motor board, etc).

David Brossette. DARTT Reality, Inc.

The team at Drones Plus Dallas was great.v They educated us on the right technology for Real Estate videoing, and provided training and support after the sale.  I know the Drones Plus Dallas team is always there to help.

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