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Sniffer 4D v2

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Sniffer4D is a complete drone-based gas detection system which consist of a drone-mounted gas detection device and powerful analytic software. Sniffer4D is able to measure and visualize real-time gas concentration distribution, providing timely actionable information for industries such as environmental protection, inspection and emergency response. Through DJI SkyPort, Sniffer4D can be seamlessly integrated with DJI M300 and M210 series.


One-Stop Workflow from Data Collection to Result Delivery

  • Sense up to 9 Gases at a time - Sniffer4D is able to obtain up to 9 gas concentration distributions during a mission. Users can flexibly choose the sensor configuration that suits their applications and budget. Sensor configurations can also be changed after purchasing.

  • See your Real-time Data, anywhere - With Sniffer4D’s built-in cellular connectivity, data can be transmitted to computers at different location (e.g. office, command center) without distance limit.

  • Advanced Visualization & Analytics - Sniffer4D Mapper seamlessly connect with Sniffer4D hardware and provides 3 intuitive gas distribution visualizations, helping users quickly locate emission sources.

  • One-click result delivery - After a mission, users can easily generate a mission report containing key results and a CSV file containing raw data.



  • Leak Detection - Obtain gas distribution near oil and gas wells, storage tanks and pipelines to check whether there are suspected leakages and their location.

  • First Responder - Fly into the scene to understand the spread of toxic gases before sending rescue personnel in.

  • Environmental Monitoring - Assist local EPA to quickly locate pollution sources in industrial and residential areas, and to understand the characteristics of pollution transmission.

  • Measuring fuel sulfur content (FSC) of ships - Fly the drone system to the plume, Sniffer4D is able to estimate the fuel sulfur content (FSC) of the ship using its proprietary algorithm, helping regulators to efficiently look for ships that are using non-compliant fuel.




DJI Matrice 300 Series, Matrice 210 Series V2

Supports the use of both the Sniffer4D and the Zenmuse XT2, Zenmuse Z30, and Zenmuse X5S on the M210, M210 V2, M210 RTK, M210 RTK V2.


Users can view Sniffer4D’s real-time data and control Sniffer4D using DJI PILOT.


Bring your tools to the sky using DJI’s Payload SDK. Integrate any payload – sensors, robotic components and more – with DJI’s leading industrial drone platforms to bring your business to new markets.


Soarability develops cost-effective and agile solutions to capture and visualize hyperlocal and multi-dimensional gas distributions, improving efficiencies and reducing risks in emergency response, industrial inspection and other fields.

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