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Introducing the SlantRange 4P Series sensors. Higher resolution images, 6 spectral bands including full RGB color, our patented sunlight calibration technology, and an all-new modular add-on capability deliver the precision measurements you need to support critical decisions.

For accurate phenotyping and pre-harvest yield measures, it’s essential to know your sensor’s position relative to the plant. In another industry first, we’re introducing our entirely new precision navigation module: rangefinder, dual GPS inertial navigation system, RTK enabled, and an extended Kalman filter solution – all in a small, modular add-on package.

Sub-centimeter resolution from a low-cost, unmanned system changes the concept of “digital farming”. Do you want to measure every plant to determine yield prior to harvest? That’s what the 4P Series sensors provide – more than 3x the resolution of MicaSense RedEdge MX and more than 5x the resolution of Parrot Sequoia.

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