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DJI Mavic Pro Vs. Phantom 4 Pro Review: A Comparison Of The Two Drones

DJI solidified itself on the top of the drone market in 2016 and it is looking to maintain its top spot in 2017. Last year, consumers got to see the company launch the Mavic Pro which was then followed by the Inspire 2, and the Phantom Pro 4.

Of all the drones that DJI has released, the Phantom series remains the company's biggest seller, and many of the world's best drone experts have one in their collection. The Phantom Pro 4 can be looked at as a pretty smart approach by DJI as the company has made some pretty good improvements to an already proven platform.

Customers who are familiar with what the Phantom series has to offer will have no problem using the 4 Pro. It is hard to tell the Phantom 4 and 4 Pro apart at first glance, but once you look under the hood you can easily begin to tell the differences between the two drones. One of the biggest and most significant changes is the new camera.

The older Phantom 4 model has a 12.4 MP 1/2.3 inch CMOS camera with a 94 degree FVOS and a lens measuring 20 mm. The 4 Pro, on the other hand, is equipped with a 20MP 1 inch CMOS camera with a 84 degree FVOS and a 24 mm lens. The maximum recording bitrate of the 4 Pro has also been increased to 100 Mbps and users will now have the choice of capturing videos in MP4/MOV, AVC/H.264, or AVC/H.265 format. According to News Shooter, AVC/H.265 can retain 50 percent more than the older H.264 format, which makes it easier to capture highly detailed and vivid videos.

The Mavic Pro is another affordable option for travellers who want a drone that they can store away easily. It comes with its very own pocket-sized controller, but you will still need to have your phone attached for the screen. The Mavic Pro's battery life lasts for only 27 minutes, but has a control range of up to 7 km and can go as fast as 65 km/h.

The Mavic Pro is one of the most affordable drones in the DJI lineup and is available for $999. According to Resource Magazine, the Mavic Pro is the easiest drone to use and is a popular choice among novices and people who have never tried flying a drone before.


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