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Digital Circuit: Modded DJI Inspire 2 vs. Audi R8 V10

Remember those warnings on television where they say: “Don’t try this at home?” Well, we’re not on TV, but we’ll tell you the same thing about the video you’re about to see – which pits a modified DJI Inspire 2 vs an Audi R8 V10 in a short drag race. In fact, we’ll scream it: “DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME.”

Unless, of course, you are the ultimate Inspire 2 tuner and you happen to own a private racetrack and an Audi R8. Then you should feel totally free to try this at home.

Well, here’s the deal: Our friends at the Chinese website WeTouchSky have created a very awesome video. In it, they have a super smart guy who puts some sort of crazy turbo attachment onto an Inspire 2. There aren’t a lot of details about exactly what this device is, but the builder clearly knows what he’s doing.

Then, they set the Inspire up against the Audi (which is a rocket) on a 100-metre strip of asphalt. (Correction: The Inspire 2 is above the strip of asphalt.)


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