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Demand for DJI Mavic goes crazy

dji mavic

DJI Mavic Pro is the most amazing drone to become available in the tech market. After the recall of GoPro Karma, the DJI Mavic Pro drone is at high demand as it is equipped with amazing features. DJI is pushing itself hard to fulfill the demands and deliver the Mavic Pros to the customers who have pre-ordered it. Recent reports on DJI Mavic Pro indicate that DJI will be sending more Mavic Pros in the next seven to eight weeks.

According to iTech Post, DJI expressed their apology regarding the delay in the shipment of Mavic Pros. DJI mentions that the Mavic Pro was expected to be shipped in mid October, but due to circumstances like the high demand and a problem encountered in incorporating a part into the said drone took the DJI shipments delayed by a week.

However, the report mentions that DJI has started shipping the Mavic Pros from past two weeks. DJI's statement includes that the company is working hard to meet the demands of Mavic Pro orders and quick delivery as well.

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