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Here at Drones Plus Dallas, we of course specialize in drones. The two brands we offer are DJI, both consumer and enterprise as well as Autel drones, consumer and enterprise. 


Drone accessories can be as critical as the drone itself to have a successful mission. We carry a wide range of accessories including Polar Pro, GCP, Propellor Aeropoint and even custom cut cases for select drones. 




Selecting the right sensor is the most critical decision in order for you delivering value. We offer a range of sensors, both thermal and visible, zoom, telephoto, wide angle and even an option to attach a gas detection platform on certain product. 

DJI L1 Lidar 


Using the Matrice 300, the Zenmuse L1 has an intergraded Livox Lidar module and a 1 inch CMOS on a 3 axis stabilized gimbal. This allows the user to collect 3-D data in real time. 

DJI P1 Survey 

Zenmuse P1.png

Using the Matrice 300, the Zenmuse P1 integrates a full frame sensor with interchangeable fixed-focus lens designed for photogrammetry. 

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