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A Leap into the Future: Drones Plus and Unitree Partner to Reshape North America’s Robotic Landscape

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We are elated to share the news of a monumental partnership that's set to redefine the horizons of robotic technology in North America. Drones Plus and Unitree have joined forces, merging the realms of aerial and ground robotic innovation to foster a new era of technological solutions in construction, security, and education sectors across the U.S.

Unitree, a name synonymous with cutting-edge quadruped robots, and Drones Plus, a trailblazer in drone technology solutions, are combining their prowess to bring forth robotic solutions that epitomize cost-effectiveness, safety, and educational advancements.

This alliance is not just a merger of technological intellect; it's a leap towards making robotics an accessible reality, addressing real-world challenges head-on.

At the core of this partnership is the shared vision to optimize operations, driving down manual labor and operational costs, a move that's not just cost-effective but a lifesaver in high-risk environments. Tony Yang, the North America Sales Director of Unitree, exudes optimism regarding this collaboration. He sees this as a significant stride towards realizing Unitree's grand mission of nurturing the science and technology tree in North America. With Drones Plus' robust network and a solid reputation for propelling innovative technology solutions into the market, this partnership is a match made in robotic heaven.

Echoing this sentiment is Don Garland, the President and CEO of Drones Plus, who believes that this collaboration is a strategic advancement in their commitment to revolutionize the North American market with groundbreaking ground and aerial robotic solutions. The exclusive sales agreement between these tech giants empowers Drones Plus to market, distribute, and service Unitree's state-of-the-art robotic products, known for their agility, efficiency, and reliability.

But this partnership transcends technological advancement. It's about championing cost-efficiency, emphasizing safety, and molding the future of education and industry. It's about making high-tech robotics an integral part of workforce enhancement, propelling industrial, public safety, and educational operations to new heights.

Curious to know more? For inquiries on purchasing options and workflow integration opportunities in North America, you can reach out at on our contact page, or call (469) 757-4497.

Discover more about Unitree and their innovative robotic solutions at Unitree. Drones Plus and Unitree are not just forming a partnership; they are building a formidable alliance that stands to reshape the robotic landscape in North America. This collaboration is a testimony to what can be achieved when innovative minds converge to create solutions for a better tomorrow.

Join us as we step into a future where robotics is not just a concept, but an accessible, cost-effective reality shaping the way we live and work.


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