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DJI Phantom 4 PRO / PRO Plus Repair

Below are some common scenarios for a Phantom 4 PRO / PRO Plus that has crashed and estimated costs for repair including parts and labor. In this article, we try to explain common repair issues and equivalent costs, but until we get our hands on the drone, we would not fully know what the actual damages are. But if you tell us an overview of what happened, we would be able to give you an instant repair cost.

Case #1: Torn ribbon flex cable in camera.

As of this writing, May 1 2017, there are no flex ribbon cables available for the Phantom 4 PRO camera. So the only option for a repair is a brand new camera set for $699. I know it's a pain. The camera is half the price of the drone itself. With a torn ribbon cable, you will get no movement from the gimbal, and you will not get video image on the DJI Go App.

Case #2: Shell Replacement

If the camera and landing gears are ok, a total shell replacement would only cost $110 shell + $100 labor = $220 total. The reason we charge this much for a shell replacement is because there is a lot of soldering involved with it and very sensitive parts.

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