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DJI Phantom 3 Standard Repair

Below are some common scenarios for a Phantom 3 Standard that has crashed and estimated costs for repair including parts and labor. In this article, we try to explain common repair issues and equivalent costs, but until we get our hands on the drone, we would not fully know what the actual damages are. But if you tell us an overview of what happened, we would be able to give you an instant repair cost.

  • Case #1: Camera broke off / Antennas ripped off

    • I hope you didn't tried to connect the antennas and tried to fly the drone! Antennas are not like ordinary wires you can just tie back together as they are micro-fiber. When you tried to to turn on the drone without new replacement antennas, you will "fry" the circuit board of the camera. So at this point, there is a 90% chance that you need a brand new camera that costs $249.​

    • Antennas are cheap. They are only $24 for the pair (black and white). But that is not really the issue, the real problem is the camera circuit board. DJI doesn't sell the circuit board only. You have to buy a brand new camera set for $249.

    • We charge $60 for the installation of the camera and the replacement of the antenna(s). So the total would be around $249 + $24 + $60 labor = $333. Might not be worth it to repair, because you can get a brand new Phantom 3 Standard for $399.

    • However, if you have NOT turned on your drone after the crash, and you have NOT tried to reconnect the antennas, and granting the camera is alive (I wouldn't know until you bring it in), it will only cost you $60 labor + $24 for the antennas = $84 

  • Case #2: Camera intact but NO IMAGE TRANSMISSION on DJI Go App

    • There are 2 possibilities:

      1. The camera circuit board is broken

        • This is the worst case.​

        • The only solution is a brand new camera of $249 + $25 labor = $274, as DJI doesn't sell the circuit board only, they only sell the whole camera set.

      2. The gimbal flex ribbon cable is torn​

        • This is the best case.​

        • The total cost would only be $25 + $60 labor = $85 

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