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RedEdge-M provides multiple options for integration - from stand-alone (where you only provide power to the camera) to fully integrated. Advanced integrations take advantage of flexible interfaces including Ethernet, serial, RTK, and PWM/GPIO trigger, for seamless integration with any drone. 

The default configuration for RedEdge-M uses the provided cables and modules - see RedEdge-M QuickStart Guide for more details. You can also explore the various options for integration below and choose the best fit for your configuration.

Low chlorophyll content is often an early indicator of plant stress. RedEdge-MX captures both visible and invisible spectral bands. From the different bands, it is possible to generate indices to see individual chlorophyll levels in the plants and compare over time.

RedEdge-MX captures a critical part of the light spectrum for studying plants (712–722 nm), called the red edge band. It is in this section of the spectrum that the first signs of stress start to show. Using analytics generated with the red edge band, growers can identify disease sooner and act faster to stop the spread.

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