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Quick Estimate

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Below are some common scenarios for a Mavic PRO that has crashed and estimated costs for repair including parts and labor. In this article, we try to explain common repair issues and equivalent costs, but until we get our hands on the drone, we would not fully know what the actual damages are.

Case #1: Camera broke off / There is video on the DJI GO App

  • If only the "gimbal mount" and/or the "stopper" is broken, we only charge $80 including parts and labor. We usually replace that with 3D printed parts because they are more flexible and unlikely to break on another crash. It doesn't look so pretty, but that part is not visible anyway. If you want the original black aluminum (which is more expensive - will cost $10 additional) to be installed, please let us know.

  • If the "gimbal mount" AND gimbal ribbon cable is broken/ripped apart, we charge $130 including parts and labor. Replacing the ribbon cable is very tricky since the camera and gimbal is very small - it's like repairing a watch almost. 

Case #2: Camera broke off / There is NO VIDEO on the DJI GO App

  • In this case, both the ribbon flex cable and the camera sensor cable are ripped off. With labor and parts, we charge $150 - $249. A brand new camera is $349.99, so $249 is the most we would go for repair.

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