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There are numerous applications in Energy where aerial technologies have been deployed to cut cost, improve safety and quality and to protect the environment. 

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Public Safety

Aerial platforms are proven tools for responding effectively to challenging situations and environments.  Drones increase the effectiveness and safety of first responders. Force multipliers.

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Aerial Photography

Whether it's shooting a commercial, a home for sale, weddings, vacations, etc. increase your value with drone photos and videos.

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Survey and Mapping

North America’s infrastructure is aging and in need of repair.  Governments are funding projects and contractors are leveraging drone technology speed up the end to end process while containing costs.

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Drones can help from the planning and planting process thru growing and harvesting.  Drones assist with animal control (feral hogs), animal monitoring (ranching) and counts.

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Drones have helped the construction industry from the initial planning and bid stage thru project management, project execution and conclusion.  Drones bring efficiencies and improve safety.

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