Aerial Drone Gas Detection


Widely used in handheld portable and fixed mounted format, Gas Detectors are now available mounted on aerial drones. Drones Plus has announced their Sniffer4D, a multi-gas detector completely integrated with an unmanned aerial system providing real-time continuous monitoring of chemical hazards.  Several other manufacturers are releasing products here in the US that have been previously tested throughout Europe and Asia.

Complete, Flexible Solutions

We provide solutions incorporating Gas Detection sensors (both sniffers and LASER) thermal cameras and high-resolution visual zoom cameras. These can be mounted individually or simultaneously on a wide variety of aerial drone platforms.  Some sensor systems include 3D mapping providing a total perspective of gas pollutant clouds.

Real-Time Information


Make faster decisions with real-time continuous monitoring of chemical hazards both near and above ground level.  Analyze further with highly accurate geo referenced images and hazardous chemical data files.



No need to expose personnel to potential hazardous situations.



Much more cost effective than helicopter or airplane-based systems.

Light-Weight and Portable


Get on-site and in the air faster with real time analysis than another other aerial technology.

Long Range


Cover more area faster. Inspect over 30 miles of pipeline per day per aircraft.  Inspect multiple drilling and well production sites in hard to reach areas.  Cover thousands of acres per day.


U10 Leakage Methane Detector


Soarability Sniffer4D

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