All prices are include Parts & Labor


Gimbal Repair ($149 - $249)

Brand New Camera ($349)

Front Leg Replace ($149)

Back Leg Replace ($129)

Mavic Pro


P4 Gimbal Repair ($149 - $249)

P4P PRO Gimbal Repair ($399)

Shell Replace ($249)

Landing Gear Replace ($120 - $180)

Phantom 4 / PRO


Please send photos of damage to, or you may ship or drop-it off directly.

Mavic Mini / Air


Gimbal Repair ($120 - $249)

P3 PRO Camera ($349)

P3 ADV Camera ($249)

Shell Replace ($149)

Phantom 3


Please call 469-757-4497 and ask for "Ervin". If he's not around, please send photos of damage to

Inspire 1-2, Matrice


Please send photos of damage to, or you may ship or drop-it off directly.

Mavic 2 Zoom / PRO

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How long do you think it will take?

    • Step 1: Diagnosis -- It could take days or weeks, depending on the issue. With the pandemic, shipment of parts especially from DJI China is not their priority.

    • Step 2: First-In & First-Out Priority -- We receive between 4-5 Drones daily for repair and we work and you will get a Ticket Number.

    • Step 3: Repair -- The process is that we have to get our hands on the drone, tear it apart, do trial and error, then call you for an approval. If you don’t approve, you can get it back at $0 charge.

  • How much do you charge per hour?

    • We don’t charge by hour, we charge by Actual Estimate.  

  • Can you repair Same-Day?

    • Yes! For a $150 on top of everything. Expedite Fee.​

  • The repair is taking too-long. What can I do?

    • At any time you want to pull-out the repair, there will be $0 charge.

  • Can I Ship/Drop-off my drone? What do you need me to bring?

    • Only 4 Things:

      • Aircraft

      • Remote Control

      • Broken-Camera (If applicable)

      • Gimbal Guard.

    • DO NOT SHIP! Batteries, iPads, Accessories, Lens Filters etc. We are not responsible for loss. 

  • How do I ship a drone to you?

    • Yes! Please follow the details:

    • Address: Drones Plus Dallas, 8549 Gaylord Pkwy Suite 105 Frisco, Texas 75034

    • Include a Return Shipping Label; so we can just stick it in and be out ASAP.

    • Include a Note with your Contact Number; we will call you and give a Ticket Number.

  • Do you fix all types of drones?

    • No. Just DJI Products Exclusively.

    • No Phantom 2 and below.

  • Can I get my Old Parts back?

    • Yes! Please specify that you do, else Bad Parts go to the garbage, and will be unrecoverable after you pick-up your drone or we ship it back.

  • Can I just buy the part from you?

    • No. We do not, and will never sell any repair part of any sort. It’s against our policy. You may go to eBay or Amazon.

  • Do you know any other Repair Shops?

    • As we have experienced a lot of back-lash off it, we don’t recommend any other businesses.

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