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DJI FlightHub

Drone Fleet Management 

  • Flight data: Ensure regulatory compliance and manage operations with flight log recording.

  • Live operations (map view): View telemetry data on a map to assess drone operations.

  • Live operations (live view): Live stream drone footage between on-site pilots and home office personnel. It supports up to four drones simultaneously.

  • Device maintenance: This gives you an overview of aircraft status and battery health of each drone in your fleet.

  • Team management: Segment teams to improve efficiency and communication. Separate by project, region, client, or a custom identifier.

  • Firmware management: Manage firmware installations and upgrades for each supported drone.

  • Flight logs and Statistics: Ensure compliance, review flight statistics and equipment usage, and replay missions with detailed flight logs.

  • Flight media library: This allows you to transmit images and video directly from the DJI Pilot PE app to FlightHub.

  • Mission planning (waypoint): Create missions with waypoint flight paths, waypoint actions, and more. Store and retrieve missions from FlightHub on site with DJI Pilot PE app.

  • Mission planning (mapping): Automatically generate flight paths based on user-selected flight zones and parameters. Data captured along this route can be input into 2D reconstruction software and saved for later use.

  • Private cloud access: Increase security by utilizing your existing private network infrastructure.

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