Multi-Gas Detector for UAS

Multi-gas detector completely integrated with the DJI Matrice 210 (UAS) to provide real-time continuous monitoring of chemical hazards while on the move.

Fully Integrated Situational Awareness

The sensor block boasts 8-channels, which includes a photoionization detector (PID), Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) detector, and five other electrochemical sensors. It also supports up to NINE sensors. It is not a fixed configuration. You can customize the configuration to suit your need and budget.

Soarability Sniffer4D

The Sniffer-4D offers high precision 3D air pollutant mapping using precision onboard gas sensors to detect up to eight pollutants simultaneously.

Sniffer4D Drone Integration

Keep your clients up to date with what's happening. The real-time data of one Sniffer4D can be transmitted to multiple designated computers in various locations. To make this content your own, just add your images, text and links, or connect to data from your collection.  

Sniffer4D Mapper

  • Displays real-time working status of Sniffer4D, such as GPS satellite number, relative altitude, volume of data to be retrieved.

  • Retrieves lost data during communication breakdown with Data Retrieval Algorithm. 

  • Turns Air Pollution data into intuitive and actionable information.

  • Seamless integration with Sniffer4D.

flir muve_7.jpg

Oil and Gas Upstream

flir muve_8.jpg


flir muve_9.jpg


Improve reaction time to hazardous situations

Locate and identify chemical hazards faster and more efficiently. Gain access to hard to reach locations. Define your safety perimeters.

Assess the situation from the air

Reduce exposure to ground based teams improving Safety to inspectors and responders. 4K high resolution cameras coupled with detection sensors allow you to understand your total exposure.

Fully Integrated Situational Awareness

Get a complete perspective of the active scene as it evolves with visuals and chemical/gas identification displayed in real-time on the drone's flight app. This information can be viewed via secured internet. *Matrice 210 Payload SDK only

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