Consignment (Pre-Owned) Drones


  • NO RISK Purchase

  • Technician Certified

  • 90-Day Warranty

Purchasing a pre-owned drone can save a lot of money but there are multiple risks involved.  We frequently receive drones from customers who have purchased pre-owned drones only to find hidden damage.  The repair costs can make the pre-owned drone cost more than a brand new unit.  In addition to hidden damage, there are other problems associated with transactions on sites such as Craig's list or eBay.  Who are you really buying from?  Can you get your money back if it's not what you expected?  Where did the drone come from?  Is it authentic?


All "Certified Pre-owned" drones are inspected by Drones Plus DJI certified technicians.  Drones Plus also offers optional 90 day protection plans covering non-accident or accident related repairs.


  • We meet buyers for you

  • Sells faster than Craigslist etc.

  • We handle Post-Sales Support (Optional)

    • Additional 5% Commission taken

Drone owners wanting to "trade up" to get the latest technology or others that don't use it as much as they initially thought they would frequently come to us asking what is the best way to convert their drone into cash.  The options are few and unfortunately the process has not been easy. Selling through the various boards such as Craig's list or using an eBay account is not easy and unless it's your full time job is time consuming.  You have to field calls, emails, texts, etc.  The screening process is time consuming.  Then you have to meet, show the merchandise, demo and collect. You hope that's it but then you get calls asking how to use it, "what's this for", etc.


Selling through Drones Plus is simple.  Contact us and let us know what you have and what you want for it. We will consult and advise what we see is the "going price" to properly set expectations. If you want to post it as "Certified Pre-Owned" (CPO) we will need to inspect the equipment.  Bring it in or send it to us.  Once it's sold, you get your share of the funds and we provide post sales support.  If you choose not to select the CPO plan, send us pictures and a detailed description.  We will post it and sell it with you, the seller taking responsibility for post sales support.


Sellers working with us tell us they believe their products sold sooner and for more than they expected.  It's easy and convenient for both buyers and sellers.