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Unleash the Power of Autonomous Flight

DJI Drone Dock


Drone Innovation for Enterprise & Consumer

enterprise drone dji m30 over an oil field


Empowering businesses with intelligent commercial drones: Expand capabilities, reduce risks, and digitize work

dji mavic over a mountain range


Experience the thrill of adventure with DJI user friendly drones and capture those special moments 

LIDAR vs Visible Spectrum 

DJI Zenmuse L1 LIDAR

Drones are an efficient aerial surveying and mapping tool, using techniques such as photogrammetry and LIDAR to create accurate 2D and 3D renderings of large areas. GPS data embedded in image metadata aids in creating accurate Topographical or Orthomosaic maps, and increasing Ground Control Points improves accuracy. Drones can also be used for project management and data collection, with the DJI Matrice 300 RTK as an example of a drone suitable for these tasks.

DJI Zenmuse L1 Lidar camera

Get airborne with ease

Count on our DJI Certified Technicians for drone repairs with no-cost evaluations, low hourly rates, extensive parts inventory, and rapid turnaround

Get The Perfect Shot

Capture the Perfect Shot with Our Drone Services in North Texas. Satisfaction Guaranteed, Quick Turnaround, and a Wide Range of Camera Options Available for Your Edited or Raw Footage Needs

Tailored drones for your needs

Build a customized drone solution with our application-specific expertise, supportable solutions, and best-of-breed technology

Fly Worry-Free

Explore our range of drones and consult with our specialists for competitive pricing, short lead times, and outstanding customer service

Accidents Happen

We'll Get You

Airborne Again

Our DJI approved experts will keep your DJI drone flying with our reliable repair services

DJI Drone repairs mavic repairs

Repairs - Quick Free Estimate

Diagnosis: $0 (FREE. No Fix = No Fee)
Call 469-757-4497 for immediate response

man reapiring a drone, using a screw driver

How long do you think it will take?

Typically, the repair takes 3-5 business days if we have the parts in stock. 

What Our Clients Are Saying

W-O-W.  I walked in, expecting to drop off my drone and get a call back a few days later with a quote for ~$1k.  Steven greeted me as soon as I walked in the door, seemed actually excited to dive into a troubleshoot, and recalibrated and diagnosed my Mavic within 10 minutes.  

He took it for a test flight out in the parking lot (and gave me lots of tips to avoid the concern I was having). Then, I whipped out my credit card to pay for the diagnostic and he wouldn't accept it!   There were massive $20,000 pro drones laying around on the counters for repair, but they treated my little consumer drone and me like we were VIPs.  The guys in the shop were laughing and chatting back and forth about "remember that time we set the drone to X, but it did Y?"  


"You can tell that these guys LOVE drones and LOVE taking good care of their customers."


Thank you, Steven.  Best customer service I've had in YEARS (maybe ever).

- Katie S

DJI Mavic doing a bridge inspection


Map, Model, and Inspect with Drone Solutions

DJI Mavic Drone surveying land near a body of water


Surveys, Gas Detection and Construction

close up of a drone camera


5.1k Video, High Dynamic Range and Huge Flight Time

DJI M30 being used to assistant fire services during a building fire


Safety, Security, Search, and Rescue. Saving lives with technology.

Agras T40 agriculture drone spraying a farmers field


Crop Monitoring, Spraying and Heavy Lift

Frequently Asked Questions

Agras T40 flying over a field during sun set

Do you offer shipping?

Yes! We ship drones via UPS or FedEx with insurance for your peace of mind.

Want to learn more about our products or services

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